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hi. my name is liam schumm.

i'm a 17 year old high schooler from chicago, with a passion for open source software, coding education, and community activism.

things i've done

lime i wrote lime, a stack-based, lisp-styled programming language, that compiles down from a relatively high-level, typed language to x86 (NASM specifically). i'm now working on limeOS, an operating system written entirely in the lime language.

ergonomica i created ergonomica, a modern command-line shell based on lisp and interoperable with the standard unix and dos systems. i use this shell on a daily basis, and had the opportunity to present this project both at python and on podcast.__init__.

codeday i'm a long time volunteer and attendee at codeday chicago, where i help kids through teaching and one-on-one workshops to use coding as a tool for empowering their passions and pursuits.

chicode i co-founded chicode along with anton outkine, christian sparks, and a few other chicago high schoolers. in just a few months, we organized a hackathon of nearly 150 Chicago Public Schools students to come together for 24 hours and learn to code. chicode works around the school year to organize events, run school clubs, and create educational resources to improve computer science education across chicago.