Liam Schumm

liam schumm - coder, high schooler

Language/Compiler Design
Programming language design is my main research interest. My main personal projects as of now all relate to some aspect of implementing a language, transpiling a language, or analyzing a language.

Civic Tech + Tech Education
I enjoy using programming for good, whether in the form of collaborating on projects for civic causes or organizing events or clubs to help kids learn how to code.

My home server and my ThinkPad both run BSD, while all of my servers run some variant of Linux, where I use the command line for pretty much everything.

Python is my first language, and I'm familiar with developing a broad range of applications in Python, from command-line tools to backend servers to data analysis scripts.

JavaScript/ES8 + jQuery + Node
I've used JavaScript in a wide range of contexts, both as a frontend language to make applications in vanilla JavaScript and jQuery and as a backend language for Express apps and SocketIO servers.

I've made a few Cordova apps and am very familiar with using Cordova for hybrid development.

I'm experienced in making responsive websites with HTML and styling with CSS.

I use Git, GitHub, and GitLab on a daily basis to manage everything, from my school notes to every script that I write. As such, I've become pretty skilled in using it for a variety of applications and use cases.

Link allows you to create, join, and view meetups with your friends near you. It eliminates the hassle of organizing meetups with your friends, providing a simple interface to see who's free and Link up.

Ergonomica is a cross-platform shell language implemented in Python that aims to redesign the shell in a more standard, easy-to-use, and powerful way than traditional shells. It is designed as a fully-functional S-expression based language with a few traditional shell features such as flags and piping to combine the functionality of a Lisp with the convenience of the UNIX shell.

An app for controlled testing of olfaction for clinical and scientific use.

CodeDay Chicago + Hack Club WPCP
I both help organize the chapter of Code Day in Chicago, a triannual 24-hour event to help kids from all ages and skill levels create cool projects, and run a local club at my school with the same purpose on Mondays.